Unmatched attention to detail
For any Porsche 356, the condition of the body structure is key to unlocking the performance for which these cars are famous.

Best Porsches Triumphs for restoration

Best Porsche restoration candidates


Only the best candidates are chosen for restoration. Cars which have the right mechanical specifications and which lack major body damage or corrosion are the only ones we consider for our detailed process.
Careful Porsche Triumph body inspections

Thorough Porsche Triumph mechanical inspections


It starts with the body structure, which is carefully inspected to ensure that it conforms to specification. If it does not, the car will never drive the way the manufacturer intended.
careful Porsche Triumph mechanical rebuilding

expert Porsche Triumph engine rebuilding


All mechanical components are then examined and expertly rebuilt or replaced with proper new parts. In this way Vintage Auto Collectibles can guarantee the 100% dependability of the Porsche 356 or Triumph TR when you take it on the road.
porsche triumph bodywork restoration

Porsche Triumph body finishing to factory standards


Finally, the bodywork and interior are restored to factory-new standards, using the correct materials and finishes as built by the factory. All of our work is done in-house, which gives us maximum control over the finished product.
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