Our Porsches Are Like No Other The Porsche 356 is the car which started it all for the legendary marque. Designed by the company founder, the brilliant Ferdinand Porsche, the 356 went on to win hearts and races in equal measure around the world.

The idea was simple- take dependable, durable mechanical components, wrap them in a clean, light weight aerodynamic shell and deliver a totally involving driving experience that would humble many more powerful sports cars.

From the earliest models, the Porsche 356 was developed over almost two decades to keep pace with the motoring scene.

In purchasing any Porsche 356, the condition of the body structure is key to unlocking the performance for which these cars are famous. All of the Porsche 356s sold by Vintage Auto Collectibles undergoes our rigorous inspection to ensure that it is a worthy restoration candidate. The mechanicals are prepared to guarantee reliability and the body and interior is restored to factory-new condition in our own workshop.

The attention to quality and details that make our 356s special also informs the work we do on every Porsche. From the "Pre-A" through the ultimate SC, Vintage Auto Collectibles can supply you with the right classic Porsche, at the right price, to fulfill all your expectations and more. Our confidence is so high that we offer an available limited warranty on the vintage Porsches we sell.


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