Who We Are The owners of Vintage Auto Collectibles are experienced in the auto restoration business and know what savvy collectors really want in a classic sports car experience. A specialist in the restoration of vintage Porsche and other fine European sports and GT cars, Vintage Auto Collectibles employs a rigorous review process on all the cars we acquire for sale. We only start with good, rust-free cars as subjects for our restorations.

Decades of satisfied customers attest to the quality of the cars Vintage Auto Collectibles has restored. And, because we specialize in vintage Porsches, we're able to give you the benefit of our deep knowledge of these cars. We can employ the best and most cost-efficient methods to create cars that go as well as they look at prices which are surprisingly affordable. We're members of the 356 Porsche Registry and Porsche Club of America and drive and race classic Porsches. So we know what you want from these cars.

Vintage Auto Collectibles also can provide service and maintenance on your classic sports car to keep it running and looking as well as it did the day you first took it out onto the road.

It's always best to buy a car you can use now rather than investing time and money in trying to make an unsuitable car the right one to use.

Take a look at our Restoration Process page to see how we work in our shop to create the cars we sell- or come by and visit our shop to see for yourself the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every car we offer.

What Vintage Auto Collectibles delivers to you is not an over-restored car you're afraid to take out of your garage and use- instead, your Porsche will be a car which will impress everyone who sees it, while impressing you with its reliable performance on the road. Whether it's in tours, rallies, club events or a relaxing country drive, you'll be able to use your car where a vintage sports car belongs- on the road.

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